Dead Battery Blues?

This winter why not take the plunge and buy a battery charger and a second car battery? Keep your old battery (as spare) charged up and NEVER travel without it in the boot (with appropriate spanners). A spare car battery is also handy for those freezing mornings when you find your fitted car battery is as dead as a doornail.

Running your vehicle never really fully charges your battery, by the way. The thing gets gradually flatter over time and one cold snap can do it in. In fact, as most experts agree, it is advisable to remove and charge your primary car battery every week or two around the year (more if the weather is really inclement). Besides, you never can predict when a car battery will simply give up the ghost (manufacturer’s time guarantee notwithstanding). Particularly in damp/cold weather, start your car (if not in use that day) and let it run until the engine gets hot. This will dry things out and help maintain battery charge.

Also, do ensure investment in AA or RAC (or similar), if you don’t have this already. Basic cover is available on monthly standing order at quite low cost (you can do it online in a trice, otherwise telephone a provider). As with a spare battery and charger, money well spent for peace of mind.

Finally, ensure a mobile phone (fully charged), and all your important contact information, is easily to hand – in case needed when out and about (in a car or not). For example; I’m often up on the downs with my trusty digital Kodak camera, miles from anywhere, and might need a helicopter rescue one of these fine days. As the song goes – you never can tell.

These are some simple and economical suggestions which can easily eliminate many concerns related to winter travel (and all the other seasons too). Can you think of any others? For instance; is your spare tyre good, and do you have a functional jack with correct size wheel brace?

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  1. Jonathan

    running the engine til it gets hot everyday is a waste of fuel, is bad for the environment and is pointless. Charging your battery every few months is a good idea if your battery is more than 3 years old.

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