Southern Area Board

Southern Area Board, which meets around eight times a year, gives people a chance to raise issues and ideas that are important to them. These meetings are usually held at 7pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

This board brings together Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, NHS, the military, housing associations and parish councils.

The aim is to help find ways to strengthen the villages and towns in the Southern part of Wiltshire and make it more resilient.

Read about some of the things the Area Board has been doing in Southern Wiltshire

Southern Wiltshire

Southern Wiltshire Community Area

Working for the community
Since 2009, local people have submitted 121 issues to the Area Board for action.  100 of these have now been resolved and the remainder are under active consideration at the time of going to press. 

Supporting community groups

Councillor Richard Britton
Our Chairman – Councillor Richard Britton

Since its formation in 2009, the Southern Wiltshire Area Boards has awarded over £150,000 to support local community projects in the area, some of the projects supported are listed below:

  • Nomansland Cricket Club – refurbishments
  • Laverstock Jubilee Committee – Marquee for community use
  • The leisure credits scheme for young people
  • Odstock Parish Council – work on the riverbanks
  • Winterslow Village Hall – new kitchen
  • Area Board Kissing gates project
  • Downton Memorial Hall – Hearing loop system
  • Southern Area Job Boards
  • Job Clubs in Downton and Old Sarum
  • Whiteparish Youth Club – new youth club
  • Barrys Fields Sports Ground, Winterslow – New furniture
  • Riverbourne Community Farm, Laverstock – flooring for straw bale classroom and fencing
  • Old Sarum Community Room support funding
  • Community First Responders equipment
  • Downton Skatepark

See all the grants here


Community Rooms

The Southern Area Board has been working alongside the residents of one of Wiltshire most deprived housing estates at Old Sarum in Laverstock.  The project has included stakeholder engagement at the beginning of the projec to identify need and potential users of the proposed community centre. The Area Board coordinated the project including putting together a business plan for the centre, supervising 2 future job fund coordinators who worked at the centre, providing £10k in area board grants, supporting development of a committee of local residents who now run the centre and assisting them in making other funding applications, bringing in a further £25k. Duration: May 2009 – present.

Local employment

Southern Wiltshire - Jobs Boards
Jobs Boards in Southern Wiltshire

As a result of the 2010/11 Area Board consultation, residents decided that the Board should focus on the theme of local employment. Working with communities, business and public sector services the Board developed 2 key areas of work. It set up job clubs in 2 locations in the community area, which resulted in volunteers running sessions for job seekers around improving their job search skills. To stimulate the visibility of local vacancies for local people, the Area Board received support from local businesses to install 3 job boards at business parks across the community area. These are now installed and displaying local vacancies. A Downton business commented “we have received lots of applications for the Machine Assistant position as a result of the jobs board.” Duration: May 2010 – June 2012

Community Asset Transfers
The Area Board has overseen the transfer of 3 pieces of land to parish councils so far, with another 2 in the process of being completed. The CAT in Landford was a successful partnership project with the New Forest National Park Authority funding the improvements of the woodlands, opening it up for the enjoyment of the local community.

Community Transport
The Area Board has developed a thriving transport group which encourages parish councils to contribute financially to local schemes. Over the 3 years, the CATG’s funding totalling £41k, has levered in an extra £24k from other sources, that’s over 50% extra being spent in our community.

Saving energy and saving money
The Area Board has approved the switching off of street lights during the night in 5 parishes.

Youth funding
The Board has funded a voluntary-led youth activity day in Winterslow over the past 2 years and also coordinated 2 further activity days in Downton and at the River Bourne Community Farm in Laverstock working with Extended Schools and the Youth Service.

This year’s main theme is proving to be a great success. The Area Board has contributed funding towards a joint budget (totalling approximately £20k) which will fund the replacement of around 80 old stiles with kissing gates across the Community Area. The Board is working with parish councils, footpath groups, Ramblers, New Forest NPA, the Rights of Way Team and local businesses to implement this project. We also have a small group of volunteers working on a Community Area walking guide that will advertise businesses and tradesmen who help to install our 80 gates. The overall objective is to increase local awareness of the footpaths and encourage local parishes to take an active role in supporting footpath groups to maintain them and work more closely across the parish boundaries. Duration: April 2012 – present

Community Safety

Youth Parliament in Laverstock
Youth Parliament in Laverstock

In 2011 the Area Board hosted a special community safety event to showcase the community-led initiatives, such as Speedwatch and Lorry Watch. As a result of this event a Lorry Watch scheme was set up in 2 parishes and has led to further interest in the scheme. This work also led to the development of a more local approach as part of our theme in 2012 on Community Safety. This year we are working with individual parishes to help develop better local networks so that parish councils, residents and partners interested in community safety can get together to better coordinate their activities. Duration: June 2011 – present

Community First Responders
The Area Board has funded 3 First Responder schemes across the area, a valuable resource to local communities.